Monday, March 5, 2012

What Happen If There Is No Will?

If there is NO WILL in Malaysia, the estate will be distributed in accordance with the Distribution Act 1958 (Amended 1997) as follow:-

1. Spouse - 1/4
2. Parent - 1/4 (siblings if parent also die without will during the distribution process)
3. Children - 1/2

In the case when and intestate dies without leaving a surviving spouse, child or parent, the following person(s) are entitled to the estate in accordance to priority :-

1. brothers and sisters
2. grandparents
3. uncles and aunts
4. great grandparents
5. great uncles and aunts
6. government

Under the law, there is no provision for other groups of people (eg. partner, step children, illegitimate children, aged relative, etc). They might fall into financial difficulties without your support.

The legal process could take years.  Assets could have frozen and shrunk in value when Letter of Administration is obtained.

Please consider writing a Will today for your loves one. Be sure they get what you want them to get when you are not around.

(Note: This Act does not apply to Muslims)

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